Operations Consulting Group International
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Philosophy and Mission

OCGI Mission

Our mission: To help you realize cost savings and efficiencies throughout your entire supply chain, and to bring all the stakeholders together to establish a long term strategy to ensure future success.. 


OCGI is a solid consultancy firm focused purely on the requirements and goals of our clients. Our philosophy is based on a simple set of principles:


Our personnel are our strength. We employ highly-educated, multi industry, skilled individuals to provide our clientèle with the utmost attention, and dedication - but most importantly, offering unbiased, fact based information. Our team are always looking at new trends in supply chain management - constantly upgrading their skills in order to offer best value to our clients. We empower each individual to make decisions with minimal administration oversight.


We practice a transparent business model, keeping our clientèle fully informed of the entire situation and ensure that they comprehend all aspects of the association before we solidify any commitment. We strive for long-term relationships and clients who are willing to attain their objectives with our help.


We meet or exceed each of our goals and promises; otherwise, we do not make them. We do not take lightly our commitments. Adhering to our statements and promises is not a point to be pondered at OCGI it is an automatic reaction.


Quality of service is the foundation of our practice. We use advanced tools and techniques to track all of our projects to ensure that we deliver a strong solution.


Our vision is simple - to offer a totally unbiased, third party, dedicated view of our clients entire Supply Chain.  We will not only seek opportunities to reduce costs immediately, but work with your team to develop a strong strategy for the future.  "Low hanging fruit" cost savings are important - but getting to the root of any issues is equally important.  Total buy-in and cross department synergies will ensure success across the board.  
Operations Consulting Group International
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